Asper - iPhone 7/8 Rubber Case
iPhone 7/8 Rubber Case

Asper iPhone 7/8 Rubber Case

Product details
Snug fitting cover made of rubber for iPhone 7/8. Producer: BestSub.
GBP 16.99

Product Details

Personalise your iPhone 7/8 with elastic covers to create a new phone look in a jiffy. And it keeps the phone safe from scratching as well.

  • Fits iPhone 7/8
  • Consists of an elastic rubber casing with a plastic cover (in white) that you can print on. The cover can be put in the casing
  • Gaps for camera and plugs
  • Toggles can be pressed through the rubber
  • Fabrics: Rubber, plastic

Size One Size
Dimension A (inch) 5.75
Dimension B (inch) 2.99

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